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12 QALO Commitments for 2016!

At QALO we commit to reaching new heights and to strive to be the best possible version of ourselves. Whether it’s in our career, with our families or within our hobbies we value the journey and commitment it takes to reach our goals. The same goes for QALO to strive and push to be the best company possible. In our journey we commit to Work Hard, Stay Active, Love Selflessly and Play Outdoors.


Work Hard – QALO commits to the value’s which push us to work hard and tick everyday.

1. We commit to quality checking EVERY QALO ring


2. We commit to Go Home. How can we build the foundation of being a great QALO employee? Go home and love your family. A core value for us within QALO is to be present wherever you are – at work, at home or around friends. We will live by this day in and day out.


3. We commit to Live Like Jackson. Jackson is the son of professional surfer Shane Dorian– as a kid he dreams big and dedicates himself fully to everything in life that he loves (especially skateboarding). As a QALO team we commit to do the same – to dream big and do what we love everyday!


Stay Active – QALO commits to being as healthy as can be!

1.We commit to running farther than ever before and to push one another to our next milestone


2.We commit to the balance of healthy living with the balance of a healthy family


3. We commit to QALO team activities and to hold each other accountable to stay healthy, stay active and most importantly have fun while we do it.


Love Selflessly – QALO commits to leading with a full heart.

1. We commit to saving boobs! We will continue the journey with our friends at Barbells For Boobs who are dedicated to the early detection of breast cancer, with an emphasis on women and men under the age of 40. (We are even moving into a new office space with the B4B team!)


2. We commit to the emergency response men and women of today. At QALO we carry representative “Thin Line” rings which dedicate 20% of proceeds to each respective charity.

The National Fallen Fire Fighters Foundation


3. The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund



Play Outdoors – QALO commits to breathing fresh air as much as possible!

1. We commit to climbing our highest peak!


2. We commit to enjoying more water adventures!


3. We commit to sharing more sunsets!



What will you commit to this year? Share the commitments you and your spouse are making for 2016. Hashtag #QALOCommitments for a chance to be reposted on our social media sites and win free rings!