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Our Favorite Gifts of 2015!

During the year of 2015 the QALO team was introduced to some fantastic and unique items. Some we received as gifts and some we purchased for ourselves. Either way we wanted to bring you our 10 favorite items of the year. Use this list to spark some inspiration for some perfect gifts for your holidays!


1.) QALO Ring Collections

QALO rings are the most functional wedding bands for those who live an active lifestyle. These are perfect gifts for any married couples. Whether you’re fitness fanatics, world travelers or your job limits you from wearing traditional metal jewelry the QALO rings are great for every lifestyle. The QALO ring collections feature 3 rings for both the Outdoors Collection and the Athletics Collection. In our Love category we offer the two rings pink and purple which both link proceeds back to their respective charities. Below are images of our Outdoors Collection in particular but if you’d like to see our other options- click here!


2.) Eno Hammock

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The Eno Hammock is for you outdoors enthusiasts or even for those of you who have also always wanted a hammock for their home! A couple of us in the office love these hammocks- they’re the “all-access pass to relaxation”. Its big enough for two so you can live the hammock life with someone you love!
Price $69.95


3.) Hydro-Flask

Flask Tyler_Roemer_HydroFlask_hires-017

The QALO Community Problem Solvers swear by using Hydro-Fask and this is coming from an abundant of personalities with different hobbies and interests. What’s the one thing in they all have in common? THEY LOVE COLD WATER. Hydro-Flask keeps your beverages either icy cold or keeps that coffee warm for hours. “From this office to the trail this tall drink of water will go anywhere you go – and will provide you with pure refreshment along the way”. HydroFlask bottles are an affordable and great gift for anyone you know!

Price $20-$50

4.) Pop Socket


Pop Sockets are fun additional items to add to your smart phone or tablet. Giving you grip for the larger smart phones and it also provides a little stand to allow your phone to sit up while your not gripping your phone. What makes this a great gift? They’re all customizable! Upload your photo or design and have a pop socket ready just for you.

Price: $8.00



5.) Manduka Yoga Mat

12327943_848921728558591_1943787107_n 12107485_1620729628194755_2010348861_n
Any Yoga enthusiasts a part of your life? Chances are they have a yoga mat of their own already but it may not be a Manduka. The Manduka Yoga Mat is the premier mat for any practice. Made from great quality and recycled material our team recommends the Manduka brand which carries three options of mats for you to choose from!
Price: Starting at $48


6.) Ugg Boots (with laces)

neumal-uggs-boot-2015 ed7ytn-l-c680x680-shoes-boots--make-lace+boots-ugg+boots-winter+boots-uggs-mens+shoes-men+uggs-cozy-mugg-cozy+shoes-furry+boots-fuzzy-brown+booties-winter+booties-fuzzy+booties-brown+shoes-slippers-


With different style and options Ugg shoes are a great present for both men and women. Uggs are the gift of choice from our president, KC Holiday! You can often seem him romping around the office with his Uggs, a fanny pack and sometimes a razor scooter being pulled by his noble wolf dog, Sterling. KC claims them as the comfiest shoes on the planet and yes, he wears his Uggs even in this Southern California weather.

Price: $130


7.) The REI Flash 18 PACK


flashpack DSC_0053


The REI Flash 18 Pack one of the most affordable and useful items we can suggest to you on this list. It’s a perfect day to day backpack that is lightweight and can be compressed very small so you can travel with it as well! Gear up and add this backpack to your daily life.

Price: $19.99


8.) Bose Sound Link Speaker


The Bose Sound Link speaker is one of the most colorful, fun and most quality products you can find in the speaker realm. Take this bluetooth connectable speaker wherever you go and for whatever activity! So whether you’re in the office or out getting a sweat bring your Bose Sound Link – music just makes everything better.

Price: $99


9.) Go Pro Session

gopro_chdhs_101_hero4_session_adventure_1168050 gopro-hero4-session-bgw_0

Most of you have are well aware of GoPro and the picture perfect cameras they offer. However, have you heard of the latest GoPro Session? The Session is the latest, most affordable and smallest GoPro model yet. Fully water proof and so light weight that you can literally wear it and use it during any activity. Whether you use the Session to film yourself rock climbing or film your babies first steps. This camera is a winner for anyone in your life!

Price: $199

10.) Beech Towel

1530705_1659365707683738_1503930744_n 11375962_950775604944832_1132474481_n

Beech Towel was created for those watermen and women who have always wished to improve the functionality and style of a beach towel. With technology that helps prevent the growth of mildew and bacteria the Beech Towel is great for anyone in and out of the water all day long. Take it from the surfers here in the office who leave their boards and towels in the car. Wet towels sitting in your car doesn’t smell the best at the end of the day- Beech Towel is your solution!

Price: $36.00