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Holiday Gift Guide For The Committed Man

1. QALO- Men’s Quality Black Silicone Wedding Ring

QALO Black “Quality” rings are made from medical grade silicone and provide a safe, functional alternative to the traditional metal wedding band.

At QALO, we are in pursuit of the best life has to offer. This is reflected in the quality of our work, the quality of our relationships and the quality of our play. Our Quality rings are stamped with the “Hammer and Pick” icon symbolizing the hard work and craftsmanship that goes into producing a high quality product. Choosing to wear the “Hammer and Pick” symbolizes your commitment to join the QALO family in the pursuit of the best life.
Price $19.99


2. Carhartt “Sand Stone Active Jaq/Quilted Flannel Lined”

“Built for those who build by hand” Carhartt manufactures top of the line clothing with incredible durability, great comfort and functionality to fit any rugged lifestyle you may live. The Carhartt jacket is going to be one of the best gifts under your tree especially for the one in your family who might have chopped that tree down himself.
Price $105 – $115


3. OXX Boxx the worlds toughest coffee maker


The Oxx Boxx is your perfect gift for the coffee lovers and hard, hands on workers in your family. No more luke warm coffee – just enjoy your hot cup of coffee wherever you are. The Oxx Boxx is nearly indistructable and light weight enough to make this the most convenient coffee maker in the world. Oxx prides itself on making the the best and toughest products possible making this a great gift – it’s nearly indestructible and light weight to also make this coffee maker very portable!
Price $249.99 – $364.99


4. Rhone Work Out Apparel


If you’re looking for some great workout clothes- look to rhone apparel for anything you may need. Rhone creates quality products with top technology. From sweatshirts to workout shorts, Rhone apparel is your best option to gift for the man who loves to hit the gym or get some workouts done in the outdoors.
Price ranges with products


5. Yetti Rambler Tumbler Coffee Mug



Yetti makes incredible products for every lifestyle and have recognized that there is nothin worse than have your favorite beverage lose it’s fresh taste. The Yetti Coffee Mug is the perfect addition to your Oxx Boxx – it’ll last forever, keep your coffee warm and is the perfect companion for any of your travels.
Price $24.99