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On The Road Ep. 2: Pull Up Your Pirate Ship

Jordan @jvaughn25 and Eva @peachnectar decided to take a big adventure in life. They quit their jobs, bought a jeep and have set out to hit all 47 National Parks within the United States! QALO has teamed up with Jordan and Eva to bring you the story of their adventure.

Location: Acadia Nation Park, Maine . Jordan and Eva drove the Jeep up to Maine to check out some really fun areas in November. Fall weather was really settling in and weather was getting a little cold but still manageable to camp! Eva had a great description of what she thought of the area, “It makes me feel like I’m in Pirates of the Caribbean, because there is all these little coves – so just pull up your pirate ship!”

Must See! Otter Point, Thunder Hole, The Sunrise At Cadillac Mountain & Sand Beach!

Camp Reservations: Call (207) 288-3274

Next Stop: Shenandoah National Park, Virginia . Be sure to keep an eye out for episode 3! We hear there are bears.

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