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Arizona Adventures: The Wetherills Bring Along QALO

When we decided to move to Arizona, we knew we wanted to make sure to explore the west for as long as we lived out here. We did some exploring in North Carolina, but we knew that Arizona would be a new world for us. Especially loving to be outdoors and being able to most of the year here, we have to make it a priority to get out and explore! This past weekend we decided to take a quick adventure to a lake about 45 minutes away for a quick hike and beautiful views. saguaro-lake5

There are a lot of places that are a few hours from us that we want to visit, but only a few weekends left until baby W gets here, we don’t always have time to go three hours away every weekend. We are so lucky to have some great scenic drives, hikes and views within under two hours of us that can easily be weekend day trips! Saguaro Lake may be one of the closest little gems we have near us and we were so excited to get to explore it.




We packed a bunch of water and snacks just in case I felt tired during the hike (hello, 33 weeks pregnant) but luckily, the trail is pretty easy to walk on and we were having a cooler weather week. Unfortunately, Azi didn’t seem to think it was much cooler and got worn out pretty quick into our hike. We want to take her back in a few weeks when it’s even cooler and see if she does better!



The hike is so fun because you hike right alongside the lake and there are little places where you can walk down and get into the water if you want. If Azi was a water dog (she’s actually kind of terrified of moving water), we totally would’ve jumped in to cool off!



My wedding band and engagement ring stopped fitting a few weeks ago and I was so sad about not having a ring to wear. Then, I heard about QALO rings. These rings are 100% medical grade silicone so they’re perfect for an active lifestyle or a career field where you can’t wear a ring in case it gets caught on something. And for preggo fingers. It’s been so nice to be able to have a ring on that doesn’t feel tight on my fingers!


QALO was nice enough to send Steven and I two rings each so we have a matching set and the set pictured above. Steven loves his ring because he’s able to wear it playing sand volleyball twice a week without worrying about his hands swelling too much for his ring or misplacing his ring while playing.


We were intrigued by QALO rings before we got them but let me tell you, we love them. It’s so nice for days where we’re outside, whether it’s gardening, hiking, rock climbing, etc. Whatever the activity, QALO rings are perfect for being able to still wear a wedding band without worrying about what might happen to the metal or your hand if the ring gets caught!


Written by Madison Wetherill .. Great blog to follow!