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Why Even Wear A Ring At All When You Work Out?

My wife and I workout together six days a week in the gym. The gym equipment was taking a toll on our wedding bands, so we stopped wearing them to the gym. This coupled with my career as an Electrical Engineer, I can’t wear anything conductive. So over time we both just stopped wearing our wedding bands as we kept forgetting to put them on outside of the gym and work.

We begin searching for alternative bands that could withstand our daily rigorous workouts. One might ask why even wear any ring at all when you workout? Simple, it’s a constant reminder of the vowed commitment we made over 16years ago, to always be there for each other. No matter how much weight at the gym or in life that you have to carry, the ring reminds us that we always have a spotter by our side to help us make it through. 

After much research, we finally found matching bands that fit our needs at These are made of silicone and are extremely durable. We ordered them custom and within a couple of days they were at our door step. Now when we are lifting, climbing, crawling across our workouts, we never think twice about our rings being damaged. 

I thank you for the excellent service and above all, the strong rings that allow my wife and I to become stronger as well.

Rusty W. Burchfield