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5 Tips For Being An All-Star Wife

Simply put, marriage can be hard. The transition from riding solo (think Jason Derulo) to riding shotgun (think Lucy and Ricky) requires a considerable amount of effort on each persons part. In my quick 3 years of marriage I’ve learned a few things that continually help our marriage, and help me to be a better wife. I am by no means the perfect wife, but I’m constantly working on myself to make sure that my husband is getting the best of me every day.

1. Be passionate.

Not only am I talking about passion in the bedroom, although we know that doesn’t hurt ? but be passionate about being a good wife. Marriage is all about putting someone else’s needs ahead of your own. Make your husband’s happiness a priority and I can guarantee that your own happiness will increase as well.

2. Take care of yourself.

Number two isn’t meant to contradict number one, but it goes hand-in-hand. It is hard for someone to love you when you don’t love you. So, take care of yourself! Whatever that may mean to you, do it. For me, it means being active, finding hobbies that I enjoy, spending time with my girlfriends, and the occasional mani/pedi. Take care of and love yourself!

3. Be verbal.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, men aren’t mind-readers. *Pick your jaws up off the ground, people* In fact, they often need to be reminded of things multiple times before it actually sets in (no offense, babe, the truth hurts). Tell your husband your wants and needs! There is no need for arguing about something your husband didn’t know was an issue or concern. Be open and communicate!

4. Unplug.

This is by far the tip I most need to work on, yet it’s oh-so-simple. Turn your phone off, put down your iPad, and talk. Simple as that. Even for just an hour, sit down with your husband and show him that you genuinely care about him.


Okay, so this is a tip for the both of you, but it’s my favorite, and what I think is one of the most important. There is nothing like getting stuck in the same boring, old routine day after day. Get outside and be active together! There is NOTHING like being outdoors and getting some fresh air. Whether it is going for a hike, a run (one day I’ll get my husband to do this with me), or even a short walk after dinner. Couples that are active together stay together! You can quote me on that.



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