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10 Activities Perfect For Your QALO Lifestyle

1. CrossFit

“I love my ring from QALO ring! My husband and I are both active duty Marines and wear them everyday for work, CROSSFIT, and even a night out. Diamonds are not this girl’s best friend, it’s my QALO!” – Jaymie Gomez


2. Hunting

“My husband loves to wear his QALO Ring when he is off bow hunting. There is no longer the risk of his ring clicking on his bow or getting in the way.” – Leslee Falkenberg



3. Fishing

“My QALO Ring is perfect for my weekly fishing trip. There is no fear of it getting caught on anything, or slipping off when I’m pulling a fish out of the water.” – Chris Borer


4. Weight Training

“The best ring for lifters who want to be able to show their commitment while in the gym. My wife and I never take them off.” – Chino Rivera


5. Equestrian

“Working with horses is really hard on traditional jewelry, but now with QALO Ring a girl doesn’t have to give up her style.” – Michelle Stell


6. Swimming

“My QALO Ring is comfortable and perfect whether I’m on land or acting like a fish.” – Aric Becker


7. Surfing

“QALO Ring is perfect for hosting parties for my kids on the Big Island in the morning, or charging Jaws in the afternoon. It really fits my lifestyle.” – Shane Dorian

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8. Exploring

“As an active girl, I was looking for a ring to wear when at the gym or hiking outside. I needed something weatherproof and durable to meet my active needs. This silicone band is the perfect solution! Now I can still show that I’m engaged + focus on my training without worrying that I’ll damage my engagement ring! Even if you’re not active, this ring will be perfect for days at the pool + beach, come summer! My fiancé is a personal trainer. After we get married, we’ll be purchasing a QALO band for him as well! He was going to have to be ring-less while working before! Thank you QALO for designing a ring that can be worn anytime, anywhere!” – Kristin Feisler


9. Iron Man

“No matter if I’m swimming, biking, or running my QALO Ring is the perfect ring to get me through the race.” – CJ Olson



10. Golfing

“Golfing in my new QALO Ring. Love how comfortable these things are no matter what activity you are doing.” – Andrea Shellabarger