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A Soldier Comes Home

We have all had a few moments in life when we wish that we could just stop time and take in everything that exact moment had to offer. Every smile around you, the perfect scenery that surrounds you, and every emotion that shakes you to the core. The beauty of photography is that it can capture some of life’s greatest moments and allow us to relive them over and over. This image captured one of those moments and truly touched our hearts here at QALO. The soldier you see here is Kyle and the woman embracing him is his wife, Heather. Kyle was on 6-month deployment in the middle east and these are his first steps off the plane after arriving home. Life is about moments like this, because it is in moments like this that we realize where we find happiness, where resounding joy reminds us why we get up each day, why we love the way we do, and what in life truly matters. The fact that Kyle put a QALO on before his deployment and never had to take it off while he was away as a pilot makes my day as a QALO Co-Founder. Not because he is wearing our ring, but because while he was away he was able to look down, see a wedding ring and look forward to this moment with his wife. If we can give someone that, it’s everything to us.


These images were taken by Nead Photography based out of Sacramento and they did what they do best, allowing the moments to be relived forever through beautiful photography. Thank you especially to Kyle for his service, and to Heather for being such a strong wife while he serves. We are so grateful to be able to share your moment with all of our QALO Team members!