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QALO Athlete: C.J. Olson

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that the first QALO Athlete is All-American Triathlete C.J. Olson. C.J. has been married to his wife Christy just under two years and since becoming married has not been able to wear a ring while racing or training. In every race he would look down at his hand and hate not being able to see his wedding ring. After being introduced to QALO, C.J. loved the product and couldn’t wait to get it on his finger. He currently races as a part of the Every Man Jack Triathlon Team, an awesome squad looking to make some noise in 2014. He is the perfect QALO Athlete, and we are so excited to call him a part of the QALO Team. Looking forward to a great season for him in the upcoming year. We’re pretty sure these pictures are the last ones we will see with him not being able to show his commitment while racing!


Here’s one he shared this morning. You can follow him on twitter @colson14 – Give him a follow to keep up with his racing this year and tell him you’re stoked to see him as a QALO Athlete.