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Swollen Finger Solution


QALO exists for many reasons. Active lifestyles, comfort, you could name a ton, but one of the main reasons to wear a QALO is safety. See that medieval tool above. That is what a jeweler will use to cut your ring off. On the outside they seem like soft spoken jewelers, but when you show them that swollen finger they throw on a heavy rubber apron and a welding mask, go down to the hidden basement dungeon and bring up this miniature buzz saw. Eh, I’ll pass.




Here is option #2. A bolt cutter. I don’t think I need to say much more.



This video above has over 1,000,000 views. All I know is that the last thing on earth I would want someone to do when my finger is swollen, maybe broken, is to sit me on that loud paper lined table, pull out a rubber balloon from an oxygen mask and slowly wrap it tightly around my finger in order to then spiral a ring off. It’s a painful solution, but isn’t safety really about preventing a problem. That’s all we’re trying to do. Save the balloons for the clown at your kids next birthday party, and leave the bolt cutter in the garage. Get them away from my swollen finger. Hopefully you never have to come across any of the above methods. (If you need to use any of these methods to get a ring off so you can put a QALO on however…we support that. Yes, we are shameless) The QALO team member pictured at the top of the post jammed his finger during a pick-up basketball game and his finger swelled up. QALO didn’t choke his finger, and he had no problem getting it off if he needed to.

QALO doesn’t hurt. QALO hugs.