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Top 10 Games To Play When Snowed In

With the news of snow piling up all over the country it means a lot of time spent indoors with family. We decided to put together a list of our “Top ten games to play when trapped indoors with your family because it’s snowing like crazy outside.”

1. Risk


The chance to take over the world with crushing domination by taking over your own family members land? Sign me up.

2. Scrabble


Even though every family has one person that always wins.

3. Hungry Hippos


For the competitive youngsters, or the parents who were youngsters when it came out. (1978)

4. Clue


What better way to hang out with family than to accuse them of things?

5. Apples to Apples


New age classic for all ages.

6. Cards against humanity


Apples to Apples for adults. Seriously. For adults.

7. Spoons (Free)


For 3 to 13 players, best with 6 to 13.

Equipment: deck of cards, spoons (optional).

Spoons is a fun card game that can be played by children and adults together. It is also known as Pig and Tongue. There are two goals: You want to be the first player to collect four of a kind. Secondarily, if an opponent beats you to that goal and grabs a spoon, you want to avoid being the last to realize it. After the cards are shuffled and dealt to everyone playing (deal four cards and use deck for dealer to pull from), players continually pass cards (one at a time) to their left. A player cannot pick up till he has discarded. When a player collects four of a kind, he takes a spoon from the center of the table as subtly as possible. Every other player then must do the same. The last player to grab a spoon is eliminated.

8. Heads up! (The app seen on Ellen)


Get it in the itunes store for just .99 cents!

9. FishBowl (Free)


Goal: The team with the most points wins the game.

– Pens
– Paper (3 pieces of paper for each person playing)
– A container to hold the pieces of paper
– Timer

How to Play Fishbowl:
1. Separate everyone into two equal teams (Team A and Team B). Have each person take three pieces of paper and write any word or familiar short phrase on each piece of paper. Have each person fold their pieces of paper in half and put them into the container. There are three rounds in Fishbowl: 1) Taboo 2) Password 3) Charades.

2. Round 1: Taboo
Team A needs to select someone to go first, while Team B needs a volunteer to watch the timer (set at one minute). The person from Team A will grab a piece of paper from the container and try to have his/her teammates guess the word on the paper using only use words and sentences as hints, without using any motions, “sounds like…”, or spelling hints. (For example, if the word is “ribs”, the person can say “baby back ___”). The person tries to have their team guess as many words as they can within one minute. The teams will need to remember the guessed words/phrases for subsequent rounds.

If the team is unable to guess the word/phrase, the person has the option to “pass”, puts the word/phrase back into the container and continues with a new word/phrase. The person can only pass once during his/her one minute.

After one minute, Team A counts the number of successfully guessed words/phrases. Each guessed word/phrase counts as one point. Team B is next, and selects a volunteer from their team to start. A person from Team A will watch the timer, to be set at one minute. This alternating process continues until all of the words from the container run out. When the words run out, place all the words/phrases back into the container for the second round.

3. Round 2: Password
With the same style as the first round, the next team will select someone to go first, with the other team sets the timer for one minute. However, in this round, the person can use only one word as a hint for their team to guess. (For example, if the word is “ribs”, the person can say the word “bone”). The team needs to recall the words/phrases in the previous round. Once all the words in the container runs out, place all the words back into the container for the third round.

4. Round 3: Charades
In this final round, the person needs to act and use motions as hints for their team to guess the word/phrase. (For example, if the word is “ribs”, the person can point to their rib cage). When all the words run out, tally all the points. The team with the most points wins the game.

Instructions courtesy of

10. Pictionary

board-game-pictionary board-game-pic-stick

Whichever version you play. If you’re my family just get a sheet of paper, create a house divided, pretend you’re an inspired artist and yell out words.


Comment and tell us what games we missed!