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Cabbage On Your Wedding Day?

It is every soon to be bride’s biggest fear. Being sick on the biggest day of their life.

My rehearsal dinner was spent in an urgent care trying to find a way to make my bride feel better before her big day. A great call to arms, or hand holding, before I had even said “I do”. Fortunately, today we have a guest post and tip from our favorite nutritionist, and author of From Beer Bongs to Broccoli, Alex Catalano.

Worried you’ll get sick for the big day? While weddings are incredibly exciting and fun, they can be stressful. When we are stressed, cellular functions such as growth, reproduction, tissue repair, and the immune system all shut down. This can cause us to catch nasty colds! You don’t want to spend your special day coughing, and sneezing, and infecting all your beloved guests the way outbreak monkeys do. Here’s a quick tip to up your vitamin C intake. Eat Raw Cabbage! Cabbage is abundant in Vitamin C. You will be surprised to know that it is richer in vitamin C than the famous oranges. Vitamin C, being one of the best anti-oxidants, reduces free radicals in your body, which are the basic causes of ageing. I buy the pretty purple cabbage and add it to my raw green salads!

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