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Do Wives Care If You Wear A Ring?

POLL: How important is it that the man wears a wedding band while in public?

  • I would not get married to a man who did not wear his ring: 36%
  • I would let him not wear it when he’s out with his friends, but HAS to wear it with strangers: 1%
  • If he really doesn’t like wearing it… he’s free not to, but I’d rather he did: 50%
  • I don’t care at all of my man wears a band or not: 13%

387 people participated in the poll. Results can be found here.

I found this forum recently, and could not help but be glued to the paragraphs written by these women regarding their husbands wearing their wedding bands. If I have learned anything in marriage, it is that if your wife brings it up, it is worth your time to talk about it. Regardless of what that “it” may be. And if I have learned anything about doing work on the internet, it is that if women are blogging about it, it is worth your time to read about it. Specifically because of what that “it” may be. Men, let’s be honest. We’ve all gotten the “look”. I get it when my toothbrush happens to miss the cup it calls home, or when my towel jumps onto my closet floor simply resulting in another obstacle for me to step over. Our job is to cut down on the “look”. When we don’t wear our rings, the “look” is exactly what we’re going to get. Make your life a lot easier. Put a QALO on. You’ll never have to take it off, and you can focus a lot more on those towels.

QALO Life Team