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It All Starts With A Rock For Her

I was fortunate enough to be pointed in Darren Bagwell’s direction when I decided to propose to my wife. I had previously taken her to look at rings and she decided, which I am sure is common, that she wanted a combination of about five different rings. As if proposing wasn’t nerve wracking enough, now I had the difficulty, and intimidating job of choosing a ring my wife would be happy to show off.

Darren sat down with me in his upstairs office nestled in the laid back atmosphere of Costa Mesa, California, and together we designed the perfect ring for my wife. The process was smooth, and simple, but most of all it was enjoyable, not overwhelming.

The first question your fiance’s friends will always ask is, “Let me see the ring?”

When you hear that question, stand beside her with pride. You deserve that. You designed it.