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The Mark Of A Maker

In the traditional sense a maker’s mark is one’s signature–a seal of quality, authorship, and authenticity. But the Mark Of A Maker is one’s hands. The callouses, dirty nails, worn palms, and QALO ring are a symbol to the world that these are the hands that create.


Taking on the harshest conditions is not easy; you must be willing to put yourself in situations where others are not. You must be willing to break down barriers, to take risks, to explore, and to find what brings us to the unknown. The unknown is where a maker’s path starts. The first step to all projects–ideation–it’s the way you see a finished project in your mind before you’ve even started the work.

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The making of a project takes patience. Patience allows one to bring together bits and pieces to begin the journey of a creation. A maker must be confident in their task at hand, with the tools around them, and with the ingredients to make something spectacular.


That creation in the mind that leads to gathering your bits and pieces is the beginning of the process which creates a maker’s mark. But the true Mark Of A Maker is the grit from the way your hands form, and shape, and mold, and lift, and grab, and pinch, and twist, and pound.



It is then forging all these motions into the creation in which you envisioned. The vision of something bigger than what you expected, the vision which has guided you to work your hands to the bone. At QALO we are proud to be apart of the callouses, the swollen knuckles and the dirty fingernails because these are the marks of hands that create. Hands that build. Hands that forge and shape the world around us.
These, Are The Mark Of A Maker
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