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Andy Dalton's Rubber Ring on HBO Hard Knocks


Every year in August, grown men and some women, crowd around the television to watch HBO's Hard Knocks; the in-depth look at an NFL Team's ups and downs throughout training camp. Last night, we here at QALO did the same. We had no idea that HBO was going to give Andy the slow, dramatic pan down his arm to focus on his "rubber ring," or as it is more accurately known, his QALO (kay-lo) Ring. If you were watching, I am sure you were wondering one of two things...what the hell is that? Or wow, Andy wears QALO? It was near impossible not to crack a smile while watching Jay Gruden give Andy a hard time for his "rubber ring." From his comments on the field, to sarcastic quips made inside the film room, he was seemingly relentless. Now, you may think that Jay Gruden would never wear a QALO Ring, and genuinely doesn't ever want one. We don't agree. What I took from that was a real typical, "throw rocks at the person you like" mentality. Break Andy down, because maybe those extras we sent him didn't quite fit you. Well, Jay. We are very happy to send you some QALO of your own. Don't worry, we can address the package to the equipment manager, so you don't have to be seen grabbing an envelope with our logo on it. Then you can slip into your office, making you feel dangerous, but also safe, and put your QALO Ring on. The first couple weeks you can just start by wearing it at night to sleep in. We understand. By week 3, you'll get the itch to start wearing it out. Still though, you can pretend it's January in Cincinnati, and put an orange and black bengal-striped receiver glove over it the way all those quarterbacks do. But guess what Jay...that hand will start to get sweaty...not from the glove though. Oh no. From the guilt. From knowing deep down inside, that Andy was right all along. The QALO Ring is the perfect ring for an active lifestyle. You'll want to feel the dry erase marker in your hand with your QALO Ring on. It'll be too much. By week 5, that hard exterior will run out of gas like Pac-man's car, and you'll take off that sticky, sweaty receiver glove. The man painting the yard lines will pause, the trainer will stop taping that ankle, Marvin Lewis will exhale as if he's carried this burden with you, and Andy Dalton will walk over to you, put his giant hand on your shoulder, and say "It's okay. Welcome to the QALO Team." It's only a matter of time... Sincerely, KC Holiday QALO Life Team