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Resolution #3 for 2014

image 3. Take a Leap of Faith If there is one thing I have realized up to this point, it's that there is never a "perfect" time to do anything. While we wait around for that sign, or lay in bed thinking about how great things could be, there is someone else doing it. Don't let other people live your dream. Take your shoes off, stand at the edge of your idea, and take that leap of faith. There is a certain thrill that goes along with having no idea what tomorrow brings. In 2014, take that trip, start that business, or make that life change. QALO started with Ted and myself sharing an idea, and kicking ourselves in the butt to actually make it happen. We were tired of laying in bed at night wondering, what if? If you need that kick in the butt, here it is. Go do it, and tell us all about it when you do.