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5 Smart ways to beat the flu

meds photo You may have recovered from the debacle of the worst Super Bowl game in years, but you may not have recovered from the flu you got when your uninvited cousin double-dipped in the buffalo wing sauce. While you’re rethinking how to avoid this next year, take a few tips from QALO on staying at the top of your game. 1. Pass on the alcohol: Alcohol dehydrates and can interact in a bad way with pain relievers like Ibuprofen and Tylenol. Swear off the suds and remember that the “sore throat whiskey remedy” will likely not do any more for you than it did after those big break-ups…ease the pain, but not solve the problem 2. Get sleep: According to WebMd, that means 7 hours each night. If I were “that guy,” I would sneak an Instagram of my poor sick wife snoozing with our cats as proof that you can’t get too many ZZZs when you’re in recovery mode. But, lucky for her, I’m not “that guy.” Just take my word for it. 3. See the doctor: It's better to beat the flu before it beats you. I should know. I spent 3 hours at an urgent care yesterday with a wife who thought she'd beaten it. Now it has relapsed in the form of bronchitis. Sure, docs can be pricey, but so is losing time on the job. Don’t waste it by always relying on the over-the-counter fix. Here's a link to all the urgent care centers to find one near you: Urgent Care locations 4. Rack the weights: Leave the heavy lifting for when you’re 100%. Tearing down muscle, which happens with resistance, is a good thing, but only when the body is rested and well. Your body doesn't need to be repairing your muscle and you. 5. Stop with stress overload: Being sick is a great opportunity to utilize your teammate. Instead of stressing over all of the things you need to do, communicate what it is you need done, and let your significant other take some of that burden from you so you can recover. KC QALO Life Team