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Today, I worked out. Tomorrow I'll do it again.


Why is it a big deal? Because I haven't worked out in over a month. Why haven't I worked out in a month? Because I have been out of town, and sick, and busy and (place any reason here). You still don't care. Well, let me tell you why you should. Today, I worked out and I feel better than I have in every day of the past month. Coincidence? I think not. Part of running a company, especially a startup like QALO requires a total change in lifestyle. If you aren't 100% dedicated to running your new company, don't bother. The question is however, what do we sacrifice in our own lives while we build this company, or put in our long work weeks? For me the answer to that question has been working out, and it's been the biggest mistake that I've made since starting. No matter how busy your life is, no matter how many rugrats you have at home, and regardless of how much work you have, find time to get your workout in. I don't say this so we can all look like we are CrossFit gods, or Brad Pitt in Fight Club. I say it so we can be healthy and keep up with our kids, have the stamina to get through the long hours we put in at work, and get the proper sleep we need to get up and attack whatever our busy lives throw at us. Your workout could be spin class, a yoga class, throwing weights around or going for a walk around the neighborhood pushing a stroller. They all apply. Exercise improves heart health, physical health, mental health, and overall happiness. This is what we sacrifice first? It is a common misconception that if you are feeling groggy, stressed, or tired, working out is only going to make it worse. Wrong. It may be the last thing you want to do, but all you need to do is get out the house and get started. After, you'll be so glad you did. Exercise can improve mood, decrease stress, and actually give you more energy by delivering oxygen to your tissues resulting in your cardiovascular system working more efficiently! Which is exactly why I feel better today. I got up, worked out, and my body now feels alert. I improved my lifestyle by walking in that gym today. If you've been like me and been sacrificing your workout for whatever reason, let's STOP. Let's get up 30 minutes earlier. Let's watch one less hour of TV. Let's grind it out at the office for 30 minutes less. Our jobs and personal lives are important, but not at the expense of our health. You are loving your children and your family by taking care of yourself. Confidence and happiness accompany exercise. Join me from here on out and let's stop sacrificing our own health for the word busy. Everyone is busy. Today we worked out. Tomorrow, let's all do it again. KC