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Tried, Tested and Trued… A Wedding Band Fit For Duty

By. Nick Surre

QALO’s new Thin Line collection offers law enforcement officers and firefighters the ability to casually show their support to their professional communities while safely wearing their wedding rings. The thin blue line and thin red line rings are constructed with the same high quality medical grade silicone as all of the other QALO rings. It provides a safe, functional alternative to the traditional metal wedding bands because of its pliability. The rings are predominately black in color with a thin blue or red line running around the center of it.

The tradition of the thin blue or red line is a modern adaptation of a description originally used by 19th century journalist William Russell. During the Crimean War, Russell described a spread military force holding back an enemy using the expression “a thin red streak tipped with a line of steel,” which over time turned into “the thin red line.” The most current adaption of the phrase referring to law enforcement officers and firefighters uses the colors blue and red. The thin blue line represents law enforcement officers, who commonly wear blue uniforms, standing guard upholding peace for law abiding citizens against unlawful acts. The thin red line is a symbol that illustrates the line of firefighters protecting us, and also shows respect to their fallen comrades.

My name is Nick Surre and I am a proud member of the thin blue line. I am a husband, a father of three sons, a veteran police sergeant and owner of LEO-fit ( Due to the nature of my profession and my active lifestyle I could not wear my traditional metal wedding ring at work. Over the years, that turned into not wearing a wedding ring at all. That was until February 2014 when I discovered QALO rings, ever since I have been comfortably wearing my QALO 24-7.