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Julie Foucher should be an inspiration to everyone both inside and out of the Crossfit Community.  As a favorite to win the 2015 Crossfit Games Julie was going to stop at nothing to reach her goal. Until the unimaginable happened and while doing a box jump, Julie tore her achilles. Still, with incredible dedication, determination and support from the whole community Julie competed the rest of the Crossfit Regionals in a walking boot. 

The image of Julie in the walking boot has become an iconic symbol to do the best you can to reach your goals, no matter what is holding you back.  From a torn achilles and Julie's Crossfit Games goals so far out of reach there was still no stopping her from putting in her all.  Watch the story of Julie Foucher Lifted Up below.

QALO Challenge: Commitment Story 

We want you to share with us the biggest challenge you've had to overcome. What drove you're commitment and who/what helped push you along the way.  We will choose 2 winners with the most inspiring stories. This is your chance to win free rings and to have your story shared on our blog. 

Lifted Up : Julie Foucher Reflects On Her Greatest CrossFit Moment from QALO on Vimeo.


Julie Foucher - Lifted Up (transcribed below)

"This is going to be my last year competing in CrossFit.

I’ve already been on the third place spot and second place spot so this year is my last chance to get that first place spot.

Going into regionals I felt really great.

First few workouts went better than I could have planned them.

Felt like everything was going to be awesome.

It Felt like someone dropped a barbell on the back of my leg.

I just was really confused and then I tried to step down and I noticed that my foot just wasn’t working the way that it should.

I knew that it was my achilles and that, that was going to be it.

For the past six years were leading up to this point because this was going to be my last season.

It was weird, I almost felt this like peaceful feeling, like it’s okay this is what’s supposed to happen and you can handle this and when the judges asked me if I wanted to keep going, I was like of course I am going to keep going.

There is definitely a lot of different ways to go out of a sport and all season I’ve been saying I don’t care about placement, I don’t care what happens, I wanna just say that I gave everything that I had and I honestly can say that.

As soon as they started cheering, I started crying because you can just feel like the whole community just like lift you up on their shoulders.

Like they know what you are going through and their like, they’ve been cheering you on along.

It was like, definitely the most amazing moment that I’ve ever had competing.

I don’t think I will ever forget that.

Crossfit has definitely taught me more about the importance of commitment.

It has allowed me to take that into other areas of my life too. Um where you just have to be patient and you have to put in a little bit of effort in everyday and always be working towards whatever goal you are committed to.

To me that is, that has been a really exciting way for me to transition from an athlete into more of my medical career.

I’ve been lucky because there is a lot of things I am excited about that I am working on right now, so it’s going to be really busy exciting year.

I can’t say that I will never compete again because I love that feeling of competing, but as for right now I really need to focus on school and finishing residency and then my medical career, so, No I am not coming back out of retirement."