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Summer is served… Ideas for 4th of July Fun!


It's 75 degrees and sunny... you have the day off work, the grill is on, hamburgers are flipping, and everyone is dressed in red, white, & blue. Yep, let freedom ring because the 4th of July is here! It's one of our favorite holidays as we get to celebrate our independence and spend quality time with our family. Make your day unforgettable with these ideas for 4th of July fun!  

Slip 'n Slide 

Escape the summer heat and keep the kids occupied all day with a homemade slip 'n slide! Here's what you'll need: 

  - Tarps

  - Pegs (to hold down the tarps)

  - Running Water

  - Soap (preferably one safe for your eyes)

  - Inflatable Tubes (optional) 

Make Themed Cupcakes 

The party doesn't start until the sweet treats arrive! Add some food coloring to your favorite cupcake mix, or make them from scratch. Be sure to get the kids involved with the decorating. Theme it up, add an American flag, some blue frosting, or some colorful sprinkles! 

Sparkler Photography (Light Painting) 

Practice your photography skills with some 4th of July sparklers! Try out this photography technique, in which you use long exposures to create a "painting" with a light of your choice. Wait until the sun sets, grab a sparkler (or a flashlight), and get painting with your friends! Be sure to grab a tripod so that you can get involved, as well. The exposure can vary, depending on what you'll be painting. Start with 10 seconds, and then once you get it down, try out a 30-second shutter speed. Spell out "U.S.A." or create your own fireworks for the ultimate Instagram post. Be sure to use #QALOring! 

What you need:

  - Sparklers

  - DSLR Camera or Point-And-Shoot Camera

  - Tripod

  - Friends! 

How to:

Step 1 - Set the low shutter speed on your camera to achieve and extra long exposure time.

Step 2 - Grab friends with sparklers.

Step 3 - Have your group identify what drawings or words they would like to make!

Step 4 - Draw your drawing as many times as you can while the shutter is still open! Drawing slowly will create a thicker line, while drawer faster will create a thinner line.  

4th of July Quiz 

Think you could be on Jeopardy? Think you're the smartest one in your family? It's time to find out! Create an American History-themed quiz for the whole family to participate in. Try a challenging one with the adults, or an easier one with the kids! Include some prizes, like a gift card or some movie passes, to make the game a little more interesting. If you don't feel like making your own quiz, we've got you covered! Check this one out: Click Here


Happy 4th of July!