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QALO Honeymoon Destinations!

We're wrapping up wedding season and now it's time for honeymoonin! The next question is.. Where in the heck should you travel to? Instead of posting about the top 5 destinations to travel for your honeymoon we thought we'd give a little background to the lives that make up the QALO team.  A few of us have answered some interview style questions to tell about their honeymoon adventures and the reasons that made them great. 

We'll be showcasing 2 honeymoons per blog write up. Hope all of you engaged, newlyweds, or previous honeymooners are able to get inspired to travel more or share about their favorite honeymoon experiences!  We'd love to hear your stories


----- Cory (All Things Good) Hamilton, Director of Content:  Cory is the Yoga-Loving Namaste warrior of the office. He's the reason why so many of you love our social media and the only one whose hair is longer than his wife's. 

When did you get married? May 9th 2015, I'm the newby of the married crowd in here.

Where did you go? Japan
What time of year? Summer, the weather was nice but I hear the best time of year to go is during Spring.  

Where did you stay? (what hotels)  Well we went to a few different places, in Yokohama we stayed at the Intercontinental Yokohama Grand. In Mount Fuji we stayed at the The Mount Fuji Hotel which was really cool.  In Tokyo we stayed at the Intercontinental Tokyo

Why go there? We've been to tropical places and we both had traveled through Europe before too. Japan was a different place we have always wanted to explore." Josh (honorary QALO member) chimes in, "And you have a sweet hook up". Cory, "Yeah, that too".


What did you do? (activities)  "We really just explored all the cities and did our best to emerge ourselves in the culture.  I think some of the best things were just finding really cool local bars and eateries."



Most memorable experience? "The Tokyo Robot Cabaret Show was for sure the coolest thing we went to. The whole show is just so different than anything I've ever seen, it's a 1-hour show that has performances with crazy stuff like robot dinosaurs and ninjas with techno music." 

Some trip tips! "It might be scary but try ALL the food!" 



----- Kaitlin (Sassy Straw) Hilts, Operations Coordinator: Kaitlin is a one of our newest members at QALO but that doesn't stop her from showing everyone up in Crossfit.  She carries extra straws wherever she goes and can lift more weight than 84.5% of us. 

When did you get married? August 23rd 2014, 1 year anniversary coming up! 
Where did you go? Kauai 

What time of year? Summer/Fall and it was beautiful. 

Why go there? We had been there before and we had a friends house to stay in a block from the beach.  We wanted somewhere that was low-key but still adventurous. 

Where did you stay? We stayed at a friends house in Princeville. Princeville is on the north side of Kauai and we were pretty close to the St Regis Hotel.  It's a great area, you are super close to some beautiful beaches and it's a really easy drive to other parts of the island. 

What did you do? (activities) We did a lot of cool things I don't know where to start.  We paddle boarded and snorkeled at one of the little islands off Kauai (Puuwai island). We also did a catamaran cruise up the Na Pali coast which was beautiful and one of the coolest experiences was hiking Waimea Canyon.  OO and of course we hung at the beach and made sure we did some crossfit workouts :)  

Most memorable experience? I would have to say sitting on the front of the catamaran cruise and watching dolphins follow us all the way up the coast. It was surreal, the Na Pali coast was gorgeous and dolphins were putting on such a show for us! 

Some trip tips! A lot of people sometimes over look the adventures of Hawaii.  I would say go and be as outdoorsy as you can- especially on Kauai there is so many fun things to go and do!