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QALO Honeymoon Destinations! Pt.2

We're wrapping up wedding season and now it's time for honeymoonin! The next question is.. Where in the heck should you travel to? Instead of posting about the top 5 destinations to travel for your honeymoon we thought we'd give a little background to the lives that make up the QALO team. A few of us have answered some interview style questions to tell about their honeymoon adventures and the reasons that made them great.

We'll be showcasing 2 honeymoons per blog write up. Hope all of you engaged, newlyweds, or previous honeymooners are able to get inspired to travel more or share about their favorite honeymoon experiences! We'd love to hear your stories

Hoenymoon Series Part 2:

----Sadie (Wookie) Lewandowski, Graphic Designer: Sadie is the token Jedi of the QALO team. She is the only graphic designer we have and must use the force daily to create all the amazing QALO designs you see. Don't let her squeaky sneezes make you think she's weak because trust me, when there's a challenge in front of this Jedi- she's gonna go right through it.

When did you get married? July 13th 2014

Where did you go? We went to Italy- Rome, Florence, and Venice
What time of year? Summer Time

Why go there? It was a wedding gift and we were given the option to go anywhere in the world. Why Italy though?- For me the art and the culture is something I’ve always wanted to see and my husband was most excited about the food.

Where did you stay? (what hotels) The two that I know for sure and really liked are The Hotel Axial in Florence, Italy and The Rome Marriot Grand Hotel Flora in Rome, Italy

What did you do? (activities) Ate lots of pasta, explored the city, walked EVERYWHERE.. We took trains from city to city… Go lost a couple times but found our way again and of course we saw all the major monuments.

Most memorable Experience? The architecture was beautiful and even the beauty of the people was amazing.. Theyre just such a unique culture and seeing the way that they live was just really cool.

Some Trip Tips! - trains are your best friend, and cab drivers are crazy. Cory chimes in “ choose seats on the trains next to little tiny nuns, that’s what i always do”.

-----James (Shake n' Bake) Shook, Customer Service Manager: All the way from Mongolia, James unites the QALO community problem solvers to make sure everyone in the QALO community leaves with a big smile on their face. He can grow a mean beard and if you challenge him to a game of H-O-R-S-E, I'm going to go ahead and guarantee you will lose.

Think you can beat him? Email him at for a basketball showdown.

When did you get married? July 18th 2009

Where did you go? Arizona
What time of year? Summer, Summer, Summer time!!!
Why go there? We like the Mountains!
Where did you stay? (what hotels, cities or towns) We stayed in an awesome Cabin in Flagstaff.
What did you do? (activities) We took day trips to the Grand Canyon, and the Red Rocks of Sedona. We puttered around town Disc Golfing, eating at some local hot spots and finished the trip with Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince!
Most memorable experience? Looking at the beauty of the Grand Canyon with my beautiful wife and banging a 45ft putt:)
Some trip tips! - Rent or bring your own Bikes to ride the Flagstaff trails (we found it to late)! You should also hit up the Coppa Café and Bistro & Beaver Street Brewery.