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5 Customer Appreciation Moments

What makes QALO so special to us are the stories we hear from our customers. In honor of our 5th birthday month, discover 5 of our favorite moments that touched our hearts throughout this journey. Do you have a great QALO story, too? Share it with us! 

"This year, my now 18-year-old daughter was diagnosed with Glioblastoma - Stage 4. She lives with her mother 300 miles away from me, but it is better for her to live there to get the medical care she is receiving. I wanted a symbol of connection with her so she knows how much I care for her and think about her all of the time! I saw and read about this Ava Ring and knew it was exactly what I was looking for to get that connection. I pray for my daughter, as well as Ava, and all others who are dealing with this monster of a disease! I am grateful this was developed and shared with all who would like them." -Mark J.

"My husband and I were married last July and I just placed an order for his THIRD, yes...his THIRD band. I need some type of frequent buyer miles for this man. He is a welder and rather than wearing his metal band and running the risk of it arcing, he wears his QALO band. He has lost 2 since we were married, but I'd rather replace his ring than his finger. Thank you so much for making an amazing product and so affordable. Kudos QALO!" -Cindy W.

"My husband regularly wears his Thin Red Line QALO ring to work as a firefighter. Last week, he was on a pretty intense fire, and his hand got caught up on something near the instrument panel. He said his ring finger got caught and his QALO ring was forcefully pulled off his finger and flung away. He acknowledged that if he had been wearing his white gold wedding ring, his finger would have been degloved, launching him into a long leave and recovery. When he first called me, he was unable to find the QALO ring but was thankful that the injury was not significant. The next morning, he called me and said he actually found the ring on the hose bed and it was completely intact. Again, thank you for your handiwork, and for protecting my husband's hand and so many others! I don't have a dangerous job, but I'm thinking of getting a QALO for myself now, as well!" -Angela R.

"After I had my first daughter, my wedding rings wouldn't fit anymore. We couldn't afford to have them resized or to get a new set, nor did we want to spend that kind of money now that we had a new baby. There were more important things that money could go towards. My husband surprised me with our rings and I don't think I can ever go back to the others. I just love how comfortable it is and how durable the material is. Thank you for providing such a great product!" -Kara B.

"My new fiancé proposed to me with the QALO Ava Ring at the start line of the Northeast Tough Mudder! What was even better was I could wear it on the course, and it was perfect for the mudder! Just wanted to give you guys a shout out and thank you for creating such an amazing product for us! We're both avid CrossFitters and Tough Mudder's and this ring is absolutely perfect for our lifestyle! Sunday was Glenn's 18th and my 39th Tough Mudder!" -Sallie B.


Photography By: Jenna Kutcher & Jenn Lagri