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5 Mother’s Day Activities To Do This Sunday

Love. Laughter. Tears. Anger. Anticipation. Joy. Commitment.

All these emotions and more are what every mom goes through while raising their children, and sometimes even daily. This is what makes a super woman, a super wife and a super mom. This Mother’s Day treat her to something special. Below are 5 Mother’s Day ideas to make it her best day! – Brought to you by QALO.


  • A little Rest and Relaxation


Let Mom relax – set herself up for a stress-free day by grabbing her a new book,  making her favorite cocktail & leaving her alone. If you’re feeling super generous, send her to the spa or for a pedicure.


  • Paddle Boarding

This Mother’s Day, take mom on a new adventure. Try Paddle Boarding! It is a great experience and anyone in the family can do it (even the dog). Paddle boards are easily rented and with a big board, you’ll stay dry, get a great workout and have lots of fun with mom. Don’t have a lake or ocean near? Try a bike ride or walk in the park!


  • Cook the best meal EVER, Together.

Bust out the cookbook and choose to cook one of Mom’s favorite meals. Head to the grocery store to pick up all the must-haves, turn up the music and make dinner together. Whether you’re a spouse, a son or a daughter, time in the kitchen with some fun music can be the most memorable nights together. P.S. don’t forget to pick up doing the dishes!


  • Game Night 

Bring out the board games and let a little competition fuel the evening. Games are great for the whole family and all ages. From Yahtzee to Taboo and card games to a wrestling match, you and the family are sure to share lots of love & laughter through the night.


  • Adventurous Hike

Take Mom on a fun hiking adventure! Sometimes we get so caught up with technology that we forget how refreshing it is to enjoy the outdoors. Outside is nature’s playground – get out and hike nearby. Enjoy a good conversation and bring only positive energy to the amazing world around you.