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5 Reasons to Choose Q2X Silicone Rings

Not all silicone rings are made equally. While they’re all comfortable, stylish, and affordable, some are made to be a notch above the rest. Enter our exclusive Q2X silicone ring line. It’s unlike anything else in the silicone ring world. We know that because we developed it and we’re offering it exclusively to QALO customers. Here’s what makes our Q2X rings so unique.

1. Less rigid than traditional silicone.

All silicone is flexible, but our Q2X silicone takes it a step further. These rings are even less rigid than other silicone rings, giving them the ability to flex and move with your hands like a second skin. So comfortable you’ll forget it’s there. Welcome to the world of Q2X.

2. 10x more resistant to gasoline, oil & solvents.

When life gets messy, your Q2X is up for the challenge. These rings are designed to resist when they come into contact with all kinds of chemicals, including gasoline, oil, and household cleaners. The result is a ring you never have to take off because it’s never compromised by your lifestyle.

3. The tensile strength of 22 pounds of force to break.

Our standard silicone rings stand up to between 11-17 pounds of pressure, depending on the ring. The Q2X line takes it further, withstanding up to 22 pounds of force before giving way. That’s more than a bowling ball. These rings are built to take whatever you throw their way.

4. Temperature tolerant from -75°F to 575°F.

From the summit of Everest to California’s Death Valley National Park, your Q2X can take it. The rings are designed to deliver a consistent performance no matter the environment, up to a wide range of temperatures.

5. Non-Conductive & Non-Porous.

Non-porous means that your ring won’t allow liquid, gas, or other solvents to penetrate it. Non-conductive means that your ring won’t transfer temperature or electricity to your underlying finger.  This means your ring stays beautiful, and your finger stays safe.

On top of all of that, our Q2X line is still everything that you’re used to with QALO products. These rings come in a wide variety of colors and designs, and they’re still affordably priced. Find the perfect Q2X silicone ring today!