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8 Ways to Celebrate Your Commitment This Valentine's Day

Commitment means caring every day of the year, but we have to admit, there is just something special about Valentine’s Day. You’re encouraged to showcase your commitment and wear your heart on your sleeve. We are keen on encouraging you to make Valentine’s Day 2018 special. Here are our eight favorite ways to celebrate whatever you’re committed to this year on Valentine’s Day.

Celebrating an Active Lifestyle

If 2018 is the year you finally get fit, treat your sweetie to sweat session at your favorite gym. Don’t have a gym yet? Not a problem. Get outside and do something active. Going for a jog, a walk, or hike is a great way to spend the day focused on your commitment. If the weather won’t allow it, consider a yoga class or indoor rock climbing pavilion. Make it unique with a personalized water bottle.

Celebrate Balance

Wonderful things can happen when you use laser focus to work tirelessly towards a goal. If you or your spouse has been working tirelessly on a project, take some time this Valentine’s Day to take a break. Schedule a couple’s massage or set aside a nice hour to take a long bath together. Remember that self-care matters, and finding balance greatly improves your odds of succeeding at everything.

Celebrate with a Family Event

This year, why not spearhead a family event on Valentine’s Day? Since your cousins, siblings, and uncles may have their own plans for Valentine’s evening, perhaps you could offer to host a brunch. If your home is too small, consider making a reservation for everyone at a local restaurant. Make it personal with invitations showcasing what your family is about. Or, go all out and put together a family scrapbook or slideshow.

Celebrate the Classics

Set aside an hour or two to read a book. Maybe schedule a movie night showcasing your favorite black and white classic film. Make your choice unique to your unique relationship, and don’t be afraid to really play up the time period of the story. Talk in theme with the timeline, wear an old-fashioned dress to dinner, whatever! Just have fun with it.

Party with your Kids

Parents can spend a lot of time and energy on each other for Valentine’s Day. But, when it comes to their kids, sometimes the only thought is of finding a babysitter. This year, commit to showing your kids a fun time by scheduling a date with them, too. You can take in a movie matinee or a children’s museum. Or, if money is tight, just stay in and plan a game night. They’ll appreciate your time, and you may wind up creating a new family tradition.

Have an Adventure

Ready to break out of the mold? Break your rut by doing something you wouldn’t normally indulge in. A great example is booking a hotel room in your own neighborhood. It will feel a million miles away and when treating your hometown the way a tourist would, incredibly exciting. You may discover a new part of town you never considered, and you’ll certainly feel adventurous.

Celebrate Silly

Chances are, before your spouse was your spouse, your spouse was your friend. This Valentine’s Day, celebrate the origins of your commitment by remembering those silly origins that preceded you falling in love in the first place. Visit an arcade, go play indoor putt-putt, if you live in a warm place, go drive go-karts. Do something that lets you laugh together, and celebrate silliness.

Celebrate the Small Things

Treat your city the way you’d treat vacation. Even if you live in a small, rural community – chances are that there is something about your hometown that makes it unique. Find a museum, go to a historical place, do anything that a tourist would consider doing. You’ll pick up a bit of culture, and maybe a greater appreciation for the things you don’t generally give a second glance.



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