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Celebrating QALO's 5th Birthday

It's no coincidence that our 5th birthday lands right before Employee Appreciation Day. Our team of employees has helped us to become the QALO that we are today. With the support of like-minded people who love leading a lifestyle that embraces and shares the power of commitment, we've been able to cultivate something truly special. We're celebrating our 5th birthday with a look back at 5 employees that have helped us get to where we are today. 

David - Ecommerce Manager 

Years at QALO: 3 years, 1 month, & 22 days 

Favorite QALO Memory: Moving into our old building, we called it The Market. The chaos of that move was like a love story. Went from excitement, to appreciation, to love, to confusion, to needing more space (which is why we moved out), and finally to a longing to return. In my experience, QALO really found its feet that year. And, there’s no better team bonding experience than suffering together.

Favorite QALO Ring: Men's "Barbells For Boobs" Black Sparkle because it's a great conversation starter. 

Kayla - Wholesale Operations Coordinator 

Years at QALO: 2 years, 10 months, & 3 days 

Favorite QALO Memory: My favorite memory was when I was on the customer service team my first year here, and we took a group trip to the Grand Canyon. We worked there for a few days and enjoyed fun views, games, and company. I loved being able to form relationships with my coworkers in a different/adventurous work setting.

Favorite QALO Ring: The Black Modern Ring. It is smooth, comfortable, and goes with everything! 

James - Customer Service Senior Manager 

Years at QALO: 3 years, 4 months, & 9 days

Favorite QALO Memory: My favorite QALO memory was when we had every QALO employee field one customer service call! All though there was a bit of fear, I loved the way that the entire team rallied together to encourage each other as their time for the call came! At that moment, the entire company was so connected and firing on all cylinders!

Favorite QALO Ring: Men's Black Step Edge. It's phenomenal! It glides on so easy! 

Ali - Customization Manager 

Years at QALO: 3 years, 1 month, & 22 days (David and I started on the same day!)

Favorite QALO Memory: Being in our first original office in Old Towne Orange is one of my (many) favorite memories at QALO. There was just a small handful of us in a small space, but we somehow made it work and had so much fun in the process! Every morning, we would smell the cookies and cakes from the bakery below us, and in the afternoon, we would take our "high school hangouts" (15-minute breaks) to walk down the street, enjoying the sights and sounds (and the occasional ice cream cone). For me, thinking back on that little office reminds me how much we have grown, and how thankful I am for my QALO family; for all the memories made and the many more memories to come! 

Favorite QALO Ring: Jet Black Twist Stackable! It's simple yet unique, and I love matching it with my traditional band, too! 


Gregg - Director of Product Development 

Years at QALO: 3 years & 10 months 

Favorite QALO Memory: A few years back, Jimmy Fallon fell and almost degloved his finger (DON'T Google that, trust me). Within hours we had a campaign put together with #SaveJimmysFinger and blew up social media trying to get his attention. Everyone in the company was posting and we were all calling our spouses, family, and friends telling them to do the same. We sent out an email and asked our community to post as well. It was a crazy couple of days where everyone banded together for a singular purpose and in the end, we ended up getting in contact with him! 

Favorite QALO Ring: White Marble. I'm a man of refined taste and this ring gets me.