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Why Dale Earnhardt Jr. Chooses QALO Silicone Rings


Good friendships form through shared values. Dale Jr. & Amy Earnhardt's unique love story, commitment to family, and unparalleled work ethic represent QALO's overall way of life. Hear why Dale Earnhardt Jr. chooses QALO silicone wedding rings, and shop his & Amy's exclusive style HERE


"[Dale] I was introduced by a friend to QALO, and it was like opening the floodgates because they got like you know 20 to 30 different rings.

[Dale] If I'm feeling like, you know, a neon orange... feeling a little wild that day, I throw on my neon orange or neon yellow. If I'm feeling real gloomy, I'll put on my grey one.

[Amy] He even matches his rings to his cycling outfits!

[Dale] I like to match man style man!

[Dale] The greatest thing about it. For guys, if you lose this thing, you don't have to go home thinking you're in deep crap. You just reach into your sunglass box and grab another one, pop it on, and you're good to go."