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Get Outside In 2018

At QALO, we feel most at home in the water, on the trail, or journeying to a remote corner of the earth. Something inside of us comes alive because we’re exploring the place we belong. You know the feeling, you love the feeling, so why not commit to making that a regular experience this year? Grab your family and friends and #GetOutside in 2018 with these New Year’s Resolutions!


Commit to getting away once a month.

This is the perfect way to guarantee quality family time. This can be something as simple as a day trip to the mountains for some sledding, or a weekend camping trip to a spot you’ve never been to before. Set this goal early on, and work on scheduling these getaways 2-3 months in advance.

Commit to a race.

Challenge yourself to a race that you’ve never competed in before. Grab the family for a 5K Color Run. Or, commit to something a little more intense, like The Warrior Dash or Spartan Race with some friends. Add to the fun by coming up with a catchy team name, getting matching outfits, and adding matching QALO rings! Get them customized with your team name and add the event date as a memory of the commitment you all made together.

Commit to going to a National Park you’ve never been to before.

Perhaps hiking Half Dome has been on your bucket list for a long time? Or, maybe you’ve dreamt of backpacking through the Rocky Mountains? There’s no better time than the present to commit to an outdoor adventure! Our National Parks were created for our admiration and exploration, with plenty of family-friendly activities and hike options, so plan your trip to the one you’ve wanted to see now! Learn more at the National Park Service. The following days will have free admission:

January 15th - Martin Luther King Jr. Day
April 21st - First Day of National Park Week
September 22nd - National Public Lands Day
November 11th - Veterans Day

 Commit to learning a new skill.

We’re all pretty comfortable with the basics: hiking, swimming, running, etc. But, how often do you find yourself watching inspiring “adventure seekers” with admiration wishing you could do the same? Set aside some time this year to learn a new activity or skill! Grab your spouse for a date at the local rock climbing gym, sign up for a snowboarding lesson on your next mountain trip, or commit to getting your scuba diving certification.

Commit to keeping our land clean.

Be mindful of our land by committing to bring a trash bag with you on any hike or outdoor adventure. The unfortunate truth is that finding garbage or litter is a common issue  - keep a trash bag and rubber gloves in your adventure pack at all times to help keep our land beautiful! Another option would be signing up for a local beach clean up, or organizing one with your community yourself!



Set your goals early on to ensure fun this new year! What are you waiting for? Send this link to your family and friends now and ask them to make these commitments with you. Happy New Year!