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Made For The Outdoors


Kip Campbell, father, husband, and bow hunter of Red Arrow TV, found that a traditional wedding ring was not suitable for his lifestyle after a frightening tree stand moment. Since then, he's worn a ring that's better made for his outdoors lifestyle. 

"I wanted to tell you a little bit about QALO wedding rings. I've got one on my finger right now. 

My QALO story... a few years ago, I was hunting in Arkansas. Climbing down out of a tree stand and when I got about four or five feet off the ground, I decided I was going to jump off the tree stand. Well, my wedding ring - metal wedding ring - got hung up on a bolt just like this one right here. 

You know, it was kind of a horrible experience. My wife looks online and finds QALO, and I've worn a QALO wedding ring ever since. 

Let me show you why QALO is the only ring for outdoorsmen. Right here represents the tree stand bolt that I hung my finger on. So, when I put all of my weight on this one... it tears free. 

When you have a QALO ring, instead of missing a finger, all you are out is a few bucks and you can get a new one. Check out QALO." 

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