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Our Local Police: Meet Monte & Jessica!

Here at QALO, those who serve have always been close to our heart. From the beginning, Police, Fire, and EMS were growing with us. In June of this past year, QALO moved offices and thus, changed communities. Yet, our heart for those serving the community around us did not. Local Police Departments were an immediate connection and one of which caught our attention.

Meet Monte and Jessica Peters. We had the chance to interview them about their love story, their roles and responsibilities, and the realities that come along with being married in the Police Department.

Jessica, a Community Service Specialist, feels she plays an important role at the front desk so that, as she stated, she can “take reports from civilians so that officers can respond to emergencies.” Monte, however, started in Patrol and is now working in the Economic Crimes Unit as a Detective.

They met in 2008 after arriving in Law Enforcement through different motives. For Jessica, it was the show “CSI” that first peaked her interest and eventually, “just happened to fall into it,” she said. For Monte, after serving in the Marines and a recent deployment, he felt a desire he always had for the Law Enforcement reignite by attending a Police Academy graduation. “When I was in the military, I felt I was part of a big team for the greater good,” Monte stated, “I had served my country and now I wanted to serve my community.”

How these two fell for each other also had unique routes. What transpired was the crossing of two paths between different times in the day.

Jessica, on a normal schedule, was coming in the morning to just start her day. Unbeknownst to her, she had caught the attention of an officer coming in as his graveyard shift ended. Monte was lovestruck. But now, he had to strategize how to connect with her when they had opposite schedules. Monte started with a common cop stereotype, “It’s true…donuts are always around.” Monte quickly learned her favorite donut and started buying extras so he could walk over to Jessica’s desk and politely offer her one.

Soon, what started over a chocolate donut turned into a dating relationship. By March of 2014, the Judge had declared them husband and wife in a Santa Ana Courthouse in front of both families. They now have a two-year-old “celebrity” son that is a hit around the department.

They communicated how there have been ups and downs, but what we were most inspired by was their commitment to maintain excellence in all areas of their life, even in the midst of trials. With what seems to be a growing divide between Law Enforcement and the people they protect, Monte stated how much it has affected them but was encouraged to be even better. “We all have jobs to do every day. It inspires me to be better tomorrow.” This has even made their marriage stronger, “We can understand each other better because we know what our jobs entail.”

As we continued our conversation we asked them about why they love wearing a QALO ring and how it fits into their lifestyle. “My diamond isn’t practical and honestly, I don’t want that attention with people walking in everyday,” Jessica expressed. For Monte, a traditional wedding ring would be one more thing to worry about, “you never know when it could get caught on something or inhibit me from executing my job properly.” The Peters not only represented a committed couple, but committed officers. Leaving that day, seeing their QALO rings on their hands, we left truly inspired to be a part of the law enforcement community and to help support those around us.

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